Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Recital and More

Well it's June and all good things must come to an end.

Okay, they are not ALL good things. My angel has been dancing for five years and she is a bit sick of it. She wanted to quit mid-year, but mommy dearest made her "stick out her commitment."

Baseball is ending too, or so you would think. More to follow with that tomorrow.

But I must say when we attend the dance recital each year in June and see those little girls in those adorable costumes on stage I just melt. My angel began in Pre-K and now she is in third grade. She will receive a five-year trophy for her hard work and dedication.

My school year is ending as well and I love those kids. I hate to see them go. I always worry about the year ahead. I guess I have a little anxiety. The boy is afflicted with an anxiety condition. I hate to think that it's passed down from my genes, but I must face that fact.

So, as stated before...all good things must come to an end. This is the life of a teacher and a mother. June is usually thought of as spring time; a time of renewal. I think of it as a time of endings. Autumn is my time of renewal...a bit backwards.

These pictures from the dance recital will help carry me through the summer season of transition.

My angel with my nieces who dance in another dance group.

The Lollipop Girls

My angel with her best friend.

These two girls came over to me at the recital and told me they were second grade students. They said they wanted to be in my class next year. There is hope yet for the future! They sure are cute. This will control the anxiety for now. I can begin to enjoy my summer.

Today's Daisy: Every ending is a new beginning...embrace change even when your scared.


  1. Those are some great pictures. I too love love dance recitals. Congrats to the little dancers.

  2. Such great pics!! Will I see you BEFORE the recital??? I hope so!

    PS... I remember my dance days. Oh my gosh, the makeup and costumes!


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