Monday, May 25, 2009

Conversation...Over-rated or Non-existent?

So my kids are now ten and nine years old and my husband and I have not had a real conversation in well...ten years.

I have become used to this new pattern of communication...checklists, one-word answers, text-messages, and completely screwed somewhat broken conversations when the children are around.

Actually, I'm really starting to get quite pissed off annoyed.

If they would just shut the hell up be quiet for a minute and not ask 4 million questions right as we are starting to talk maybe we could get through a discussion. We could figure things out like, oh I don't know...finances, job schedules, meals, school events, and so on. Or god forbid we might want to talk about something that the kids should not hear, you know, adult conversation! But no, we have to stop every ten seconds to break up fights that go something like this, "she said that kindergarteners can't go swimming. That's not true, right?"
"No I didn't. He said there were frogs in the filter. I'm not swimming with frogs in the filter."


I seem to be making many mistakes lately pertaining to the aforementioned items. I forget what we said about dinner. I can't seem to remember if he paid that bill or if I'm supposed to. Do the kids need me to pick them up or do they have a ride? What the hell is going on around here?

We. Need. Space.

The funny thing is when I'm home alone the kids go and play outside or in their rooms, but when my husband is home or I'm having company the kids are under my feet. They can smell the conversation in the air and they must put a stop to it.


Does anybody else have this phenomenon going on in their lives?

Today's Daisy: Don't be a victim...create an environment where adults can talk privately.


  1. Oh yeah. The couldn't care less if I was available to them but once the phone rings or I get on the computer they need everything under the sun!

    See. Here comes my little stinker now. She must hear my fingers tapping on the keeboard!

    Found you through MBC! (BTW - how do you cross out your words? I've been trying to figure that one out......)

  2. I have to admit, I have days like that. However, if Dennis and I need to talk, we go in the bedroom and shut and lock the door. Sometimes we talk NAKED - it's fun - you should try it!! I have to admit text messages are a life saver, along with fighting, talking, questions & answers, I also send him the occasional photo-text messages of my cleavage just to lighten things up!

    My conundrum happens everytime I'm on the phone... nothing like wanting to scream when you are on the line with someone who can report you for going off on your kids and telling them to shut the hell up ... er.. tell them to be quite little angels - doesn't make a good impression!

  3. Absolutely! The only time we can have an converstaion without a million interruptions is when the wee ones are in bed. Their bed times are getting later and later. Soon I will have to stay up each night unitl midnight to get some quality time with my man!

  4. Uh, hello!! We have FOUR of these phenomenons!! And by the way, you figured out how to strike out words??? Please share!!!

  5. ha, yeah, sounds pretty typical around my house too!

  6. So funny, so true! I only had one and the conversations just started coming back after she turned 20! :D Hopefully your dry spell won't last that long, but it sure makes you appreciate getting it back.



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