Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stamps, do they still make them?

I think Jimmy Fallon says it best in his Tweet today...

Postage stamps are now 44 cents. This is out of control. If there was just some other way to send written messages...

Reading for pleasure is the best part of my personal time each day.






Internet News

No stamps required.

Kids today have it all. Post Office...email...tweets...text messages...etc. This is their world.

My son, fondly referred to as "The Boy", already has a cell phone and somehow inherently knew how to text message without any tutorial. I'm not sure how kids today are born having computer navigation and typing skills. Oh well, that's another topic altogether.

He loves getting text messages from his friends and cousins. But, I must say, when a birthday or Christmas card comes in the mail addressed to him he is totally excited.

My daughter, or 'my little angel'...I know barf, has not been bitten by the technology bug quite as much as The Boy. She still enjoys drawing pictures for family and her third-grade friends. And she has many journals and notebooks where she makes designs and writes plays, songs, and worksheets for her bears to complete. She LOVES sending letters.

  1. Crafting a letter or picture for someone

  2. Putting it in an envelope

  3. Sticking a stamp to the upper corner

  4. Writing the proper address

  5. Taking it to the Post Office or to the mailbox


Just writing all of that made me realize how exhausting the procedure really is and why the Post Office may someday be a thing of the past. I can pay a bill on-line in the time it took for her to write the address on the envelope.

Then again, I don't know after reading the bloggess maybe people are getting a little annoyed with media technology and how the public is using it. I mean, reading my OWN postal mail is often calming. Junk mail on my porch doesn't make me say out loud, "What the hell's wrong with this person?"
Today's Daisy: Having it all gives us choices: Choose wisely.


  1. I do not mail anything anymore beside cards to family. I think its crazy yet again a stamp has gone up but thats the world we live in! Great post!

  2. Oh I love getting anything in my mailbox that is not a bill. (that's not very often)
    Your post made me think, you know when I went off to University I didn't have a cell phone. It was about 4 days before I could find a pay phone and call my parents and let them know how I was doing. Now most kids have cells before they graduate public school. Times are a changin!

  3. Me again!
    I left a little award over on my blog for you. Hope you like that sort of thing:)

  4. Hi! Great blog...I came over from MBC-100! =) Hope you're having a great week!


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