Friday, May 8, 2009

Well this is my first post and I'm sitting here with my foot up and an aching butt. I had foot surgery two days ago.
And so it begins.
I always have an agenda a mile long of things I'm going to accomplish while I'm recovering that I don't have a chance to do when I'm working.
So far...not much.
Although, this time around I can walk a bit so I did some light house work such as laundry. But, when I stand there is some pain involved, so I sit again as soon as possible.
Sitting, sitting, sitting. Can your rear area actually get wider in ten days? I think mine has expanded in only two days?

Okay...the idea of my blog was to ponder of the bright side of a "glass is half full" kind of thinker, so sitting here all day as my butt grows to enormous proportions I may work on a grant proposal for school.

The grant committee has become VERY particular these days and I would have never had the time it will take to complete the task with the precise writing it requires. There is also a great deal of research and development that has to be conducted before I can even begin to write.

So there, I will begin the grant by conducting some on-line research. You have to start somewhere. Tomorrow I will set another goal.

Today's Daisy: Start Small... Unlike Your Butt.


  1. Hi, I'm visiting from MBC. Great blog.

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  3. Oh, come on! I am sure your butt is lovely and not growing at all!

    I'm following you from the MBC Under 100 Club. I look forward to reading more!

  4. I'm now a follower of your beautiful blog.

  5. I can't wait to follow your blog! Loved your first post, and Happy MOther's Day!!!


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