Sunday, May 31, 2009

A gift from an Angel

Where to begin with this 9 year-old daughter, aka "my angel" can be so inspirational sometimes.

Both of my children have a true appreciation for what parents do and how hard they have to work these days to keep a household running. I often remind them about how expensive things are today. But really it's not about the money, it's about the time!

We always take time for our special things...
  • walks together while talking about our day
  • snuggling on the couch and finding a movie we both enjoy
  • reading a book taking turns with each page
  • playing a game of "go fish"
  • playing catch in the yard with a big bouncy ball
  • making cookies together letting my angel measure all the ingredients
  • washing the car with the garden hose and a sponge

So, during one of these very "inexpensive" activities she tells me how much she missed me while away at a friend's sleepover. I tell her of the uneasy feeling of going to sleep without my angel tucked tightly in her bed.

We continue to watch "Little Women" when she asks how the mother was able to get Beth's fever down. I said I didn't know.

Then she softly responds, "mothers are magical".

I think that says it all.

Today's Daisy: Mothers are Magical


  1. Thanks for making me bawl my eyes out - especially when my kid has been spinning out of control and called me and her sister dumbasses today while being grounded. Then proceeded to throw her blankets in piles over the railing and hit me on the head.

    I love daughters. Yep. I really do.


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