Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kids can be so ME!

So this little boy in the class across the hall from me is going to the principal's office and along the way he is destroying artwork made by other students which is hung in the hall. Naturally I begin telling him to knock it off and to hurry along to the office.

He then says the most dreaded words a woman can ever hear. When I asked him what he said he of course would not fess up, but I insisted he repeat it. Then, I said, ARE YOU TALKING TO ME? And he was like, no I'm talking to him...pointing to a random second-grader passing by.

I knew what he said - he knew what he said. It was lingering in the air. We both just stood there. I just didn't know what to say or do after hearing, "Shut up, BIG BUTT" from a third-grader!

  1. Should I yell at him? No. He wouldn't care.
  2. Should I tell the principal? No. Too embarrassing.
  3. Should I tell his teacher? No. She's a skinny bitch.

I just pointed my finger and gave him that "teacher/mommy stare" that made him know I meant business. Although, I think the reaction was the same as #1 above.

I went back to my classroom and tried to set up a few mirrors to see my butt and if it in fact looked large in my chosen pants that day. I didn't notice any visible difference. I really don't think my butt is all that big, but I could be living in denial. People do it every day.

Today's Daisy: Don't let the words of a third-grader who is on the way to the principal's office ruin your day!


  1. too bad capital punishment is wrong....

    what a brat. I probably would have resorted to his level and said..."so's your's" or, "your mom"

    or something.

    I'm totally kidding. LMAO. I would have sulked and been pissy the rest of the day.

  2. Following from MBC---please follow back...

    <3 sarasophia


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