Saturday, May 9, 2009

Play Footsie

As I sit here another day with my foot up in the air...

Everyone else seems to be on the go in my house. My husband went to work today. Kids went with my mother. My son had a baseball game tonight. Life seems to go on without me.

But not a good life.

The house is a mess, no groceries, kids need showers, laundry baskets getting full again...and the list goes on. We moms sure do a lot. People are starting to look around and notice the odd changes around here and wonder what's up. Well, mom's foot, that's what's up!

So I will put up the mess and enjoy the time I have to read blogs, watch Lifetime, and marvel at the fact that now it's Mother's Day...someone ELSE will be cleaning up the mess!

Today's Daisy: Put your feet up - polish required.


  1. Aww I am sorry to hear about your foot!! I hope you are having a great mother's day (even with the foot) and are getting spoiled!! I caught you on MBC and thought I would stop by to follow! Welcome to "blogland" :)


  2. came here from under 100 followers club and just stated following your blog...

    and also to invite you to join the newest community online called "Living in style". We are official going to launch it next month but we want to go ahead and invite as much members during this time so we can encourage more when we launch it.

    I hope to see you there!

  3. Happy mothers day! Following from MBC!

  4. Happy Mother's Day!

    Visiting & following from MBC 100 Group. Please stop by & visit me.

    Cindi @ Mama Mentor
    Mama Mentor

  5. visiting and following from MBC, would love to put up my feet, although lacking in the polish!


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